Monday, December 26, 2011

Classic Disco Mix NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY 2012

My collaboration work with other deejays for the Classic Disco Mix fanpage 2012 Year-End Mixes. For playlists and more information, please check here.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Top 40 Mixes Factory: THE HITS OF 2011

A duo collaboration YEAR-END mixset by me and Pzach for our fanpage at facebook: TOP 40 MIXES FACTORY. It was a last minute idea since we thought of not releasing any Year-End mixset this year as I was busy with my other fanpage's Year-End Mixset: CLASSIC DISCO MIX

Anyway, it's a very HOT mix and I personally like it very much. I couldn't stop singing and dancing everytime I listen to it. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we made it.

File Size: 167,7 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 2:02:00
Mixed by: PZach & IndigoDeviLLe

PZach Playlists:
1. Party R0ck Anth3m ( feat.KID KUT & DE LA VEGA ) – LMFA0
2. S3xy & I Kn0w It – LMFA0
3. I Lik3 How It F33ls – Enr!que Igles!as feat. P!tbull
4. With0ut you – Dav!d Gu3tta feat. Ush3r
5. Never W!ll Be M!ne – Ry3 Ry3 feat. R0byn
6. Littl3 Bad G!rl – Dav!d Gu3tta feat. Tai0 Cruz & Lud4cris
7. Run Th3 W0rld – Bey0nc3
8. G00d Feel!ng – Fl0 R!da
9. We F0und L0ve – R!hanna
10. Last Fr!day N!ght – K4ty P3rry
11. Beaut!ful People – Chr!s Br0wn feat. B3nny Ben4ssy
12. G!ve M3 Ev3rything – N3 Y0 feat. P!tbull
13. Jud4s – L4dy G4g4
14. What Happ3ns In V3gas – Chuck!e feat. Greg0r Salt0
15. The Edg3 Of Gl0ry – L4dy G4g4
16. ‘till The W0rld 3nds – Br!tney Sp3ars
17. Hold It Against Me – Br!tney Sp3ars
18. 0n The Fl00r – J L0 feat. P!tbull

IndigoDeviLLe Playlists:
19. L0ca Peopl3 vs Stere0 Lov3 (Mario Santiago Bootleg) - S4k Noel vs 3dward May4
20. Thr0w Y0ur H4nds Up (Danc4r Kudur0) - Qwot3 feat. P!tbull & Luc3nzo
21. Mr. Sax0beat - Alexandr4 St4n
22. Suavement3 (Kiss M3) - Nay3r feat. P!tbull & Moh0mbi
23. Turn Ar0und (5,4,3,2,1) - Fl0-Rid4
24. T00 Much !n Lov3 - Chr!s W!ll!s
25. R0lling In Th3 D33p - Adel3
26. Don't H0ld Y0ur Br3ath - Nicol3 Sch3rzing3r
27. Sup3r B4ss - N!ck! M!naj
28. M0ves Lik3 Jagg3r - Mar00n 5 feat. Christ!na Agu!lera
29. Lov3 You Lik3 A Lov3 Song - Selen4 Gom3z & The Scen3
30. Wh0's That G!rl - Guy S3bast!an
31. Mr. Kn0w It 4ll - K3lly Clarks0n
32. S0me0ne Lik3 Y0u - Adel3


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