Monday, December 31, 2012


Well, I guess this is it... We've reached the end of the year. It's time to release my final mix for 2012. I actually did a collaboration with a number DJs at TOP 40 Mixes Factory for the fanpage Year-End Mixes. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to make the post about it here.

I made this mix last night right after dinner. I figure that I will need just a regular simple mix to play at my party's background (simple mix-in and mix-out just to play music at the background without too many distracting tricks) while we are busy chatting and eating tonight at my place tonight before going to the rooftop to enjoy the whole Jakarta's fireworks.

The idea is to enjoy and making a flashback on all my favourite hits in 2012.

Well, hopefully you get the chance to download and play it on the New Year's Eve too.

Happy New Year 2013... See you next year!!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Disco Sanctuary 2012 TOP 5 Mixes

While waiting for the upload of my last mix in 2012: Spotlight 2012 which contains all the hits I like most during the year, I thought why not we do a little recap on the mixes I've produced during the year.

Totally I made 27 personal mixes and 3 collaborations mixes. In this post I'm gonna list my Top 5 mixes made during 2012 based on their downloads and plays from both Official.FM & House-Mixes. So here we go:

5. The Roaring 90's Session 4
Frankly speaking, I was surprised that this mix can made it to the list since it wasn't very popular in my facebook fanpage: Classic Disco Mix. probably not many knew the songs. I personally like it very much since I played all my favourite songs during my college time in this mix. Brings back a lot of sweet memories with my college friends.

 4. Goin' Jazzy 3: Bossanova Java
A project I did to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17th, 2012. When this mix was launched on my facebook, I was on my holiday trip to Shangri-La China. I have been a big fan for this group. They play traditional Javanese songs in a jazzy bossanova style. The making process itself is "very challenging". But I am very happy and satisfied with what I've done here. To this day I still play this mix a lot.

3.  Spotlight ON AIR: 20.03.12
Totally unexpected! This Spotlight actually beats Spotlight 9, Spotlight 10 & Spotlight 11. It was just a recording from one of my practice sessions that I decided to launch it for my TOP 40 fanpage at facebook: TOP 40 Mixes Factory.

2. Classic Disco Mix 14
I am glad this mix made it to the list. It was actually a request from a friend from Classic Disco Mix fanpage who's very much into 70s music. I've been delaying it time over time since 70s songs are very hard to mix. But my friend: Deddy was a persistent one in pursueing his request. :)

1. Classic Disco Mix 13: Manhattan 3rd Anniversary 1986 (SIDE B)
A classic remake from my very 1st Disco Tape back in 1986. This tape actually introduced me to the Disco world and got me hooked on. A very special memory and meaning for me. How time flies...

Well, that's it: Disco Sanctuary's TOP 5 Mixes in 2012. I'll see you in 2013. Thank you for your support throughout this year!!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Goin' 80's: The 2012 Year End Party

File Size: 139,1 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:41:12
Mixed by: IndigoDeville

1. Self Control - Laura Branigan
2. You Set My Heart On Fire - Evans & Fisher
3. Billi3 Je4n - Mich4el J4cks0n
4. Lik3 4 Pray3r - M4d0nna
5. Esc4pad3 - Jan3t J4cks0n
6. Snake In The Grass - Midnight Stars
7. Goin' To The Bank - Commodores
8. I Wanna Be Rich - Calloway
9. Word Up - Cameo
10. Engine No. 9 - Midnight Star
11. Inside To Outside - Limahl
12. Only In My Dr3ams - Debbi3 Gibs0n
13. Silent Morning - Noel
14. Because Of You - The Cover Girls
15. Tell It To My Heart - Taylor Dayne
16. I W4nna Danc3 With S0meb0dy - Whitn3y H0ust0n
17. Boys - Sabrina
18. Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
19. Too Many Br0ken Hearts - Jas0n Don0van
20. This Time I Kn0w It's F0r R3al - Donn4 Summ3r
21. Dressed F0r Succ3ss - Rox3tt3
22. Cross My Heart - Eighth Wonder
23. Lov3 In Th3 First Degr33 - B4n4n4r4m4
24. It's A S1n - Pet Sh0p B0ys
25. G0 W3st - Pet Sh0p B0ys
26. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle
27. I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany
28. In Private - Dusty Springfi3ld
29. When Will I See You Again - Magda Layna

Friday, December 7, 2012

Radio Play #003

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Radio Play #002

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