Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 8

Hi Guys, after a hard banging session with ELECTROCUTION #2, I am now giving you a cool down 80's mix with songs ranging from 93-103 bpm... a sing-a-long collection of songs.

It takes forever to make this mix! Not the mixing process, but the songs gatherings! Some songs here like: Sandy Lam's (track 2), Titi DJ's (track 3), Sterling Silver & Mac Delight (track 10) and Children Of The World's (track 12) are really really hard to find.

I knew Sandy Lam's Ai Sang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De Ren while I was studying from a Hongkong fellow. The slow song was a BIG hit, but not many people knew there was a remix dance version of it. I had the cd before but lost it somewhere. It wasn't until my last holiday to HK, I asked my HK friend to rip it for me into MP3. Yet, the quality is not satisfying.

The second track was a huge hit in Indonesia in early 90's. It was about a girl asking if it's wrong to find herself falling in love with another person when she's already has a relationship. Ironically, the singer just broke up with her long-time boyfriend because of another man. But since the song was a HUGE hit, I can imagine that she had to sing the song over and over again eventhough she didn't like it! I guess it must felt like slapping your own face to sing a song about cheating, when in real life you just did it to your boyfriend... Ha ha haa... This song later came up with a new version: A Rock Remix... But I personally still prefer the original one which is very hard to find on cds. My friend finally sent me the 320 kbps mp3 which was ripped from a cassette tape. Though the vocal was clear, but the bass was almost gone. The overall sound became rather 'crispy'. So I decided to add some beats from Soul II Soul's Keep On Movin' to it. Hope it doesn't sound too bad.

Talking about the song quality, having mixed some house and electro lately with strong bass, I felt rather funny mixing these songs since some of them have a very low bass level. For example: I ripped Aaron Neville's track 05 and Cover Girls' track 13 from my cds. First, I ripped them into 192 kbps... the bass was very low! Then I ripped them again into 320 kbps... still no bass but clearer vocal... If you notice some other tracks here also has very low bass level, eventhough I downloaded them 192kbps or above. Hmm... What to do?

File size: 69,5 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length time: 50,3 mnts
BPM: 93 - 103


01. Sadness --- Enigma
02. Ai Sang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De Ren (Remix) --- Sandy Lam
03. Salahkah Aku (Goin' 80s Remix) --- Titi DJ
04. Never Gave Up On You --- Fan Club
05. Everybody Plays The Fool (12" I Ain't Lyin' Mix) --- Aaron Neville
06. What A Wonderful World --- Dr. Felix
07. No Woman No Cry (Root Mix) --- Baby Roots
08. Straight Up (12 inch Remix) --- Paula Abdul
09. Don't Cry Tonight (Remix '89) --- Savage feat. Ice MC
10. Hello Babe (Love Mix) --- Sterling Silver & Mac Delight
11. Iko Iko (Extended Remix) --- The Belle Stars
12. Reggae Round The World (Steven Foe Mix) --- Children Of The World
13. No One In This World --- The Cover Girls

Monday, December 7, 2009


This mix is a request from my sister. It has all the hottest tunes from her B0dyJ4m classes at the gym. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

SPOTLIGHT - Session 4

Just diggin' out some old tunes for a nice "sing-along-mix". Enjoy!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Michael Jackson - In My Memory

The idea of making Michael Jackson's mixes came immediately the morning I heard about his death on CNN news. But later I noticed everyone is making a mix for him, so I got lazy and preferred to download others' MJ mixes instead.

It wasn't until few weeks ago a dear friend in Sydney requested me to make a special mix of MJ's songs after watching his movie "This Is It".

So here they are, my personal tribute to Michael... a mixes of his songs that have filled my high school and Uni moments. Enjoy!!!

File size: 73,5 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length time: 52,4 minutes
BPM: 106 - 138,8

1. Who Is It
2. Remember The Time
3. Scream
4. Blood On The Dancefloor
5. In The Closet
6. Another Part of Me
7. Bad
8. Billie Jean
9. Rock With You
10. Thriller
11. Black or White
12. The Way You Make Me Feel
13. Smooth Criminal
14. Beat It

Monday, October 26, 2009

SPOTLIGHT 3 - Girls' Night Out

File Size: 94,5 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length Time: 1,1 hrs
BPM: 128 - 129,5

It's been awhile since I made some house or techno house compilation. Not only I enjoy myself too much with 80's and 90's classic disco, but I notice there are so many house mixes around (check out my affiliates!). Whenever I wanna listen to them, all I have to do is just download from their sites.

But the problem with listening to others mixes is that: not all the songs in their mix are my favourites... Hue he he... Moreover, I cannot control "the energy" flowing from songs to songs. I personally don't like those compilation with the energy flow going: up and down... up and down from song to song... I know this is only a matter of preference.

One of most time consuming part in making my compilation is to arrange the playlist: songs selection from the library, play them and decide if they fit in the energy flow that I want to deliver in the mix... and then the most interesting part: deciding who should go before and after them. :)

Anyway, enough bla bla blaa... The uploads are done. Enjoy the compilation!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's been awhile since my sister asked me to mix songs from her BodyJam classes at the gym: Where's Your Head At, Finally and When You Touch Me. Then, to find out which remixes they use in the class, I joined her for the class :P

The music was playing out loud, and the atmosphere was really hot and vibrating. Somehow I sensed that these music are delivering a totally different vibes to the normal house techno I usually mix in my Spotlight series. So instead of making another Spotlight, I've decided to specially mix a series of Electro House.

I've been gathering some Electro tracks these few days, and finally selected 12 of them for this compilation. It's amazing to see how creative people are in re-making these classic tunes to match the current trends.

Well, I've done my part! Now it's your turn... TURN UP THAT VOLUME TO THE MAX!!! ;)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Love Potion #2

File size: 46,9 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length time: 33,5 minutes
BPM: 78.5 - 99.2

When a friend asked me to mix slow songs, I thought the idea was absurd. Why would people mix slow songs? By "mixing", I mean matching these songs beat to beat, not just fade-in and fade-out at the end of every songs like most radios do. Furthermore, many slow songs run on different 'beat style'.

But learning that every songs are running on 'four-beat-bars rule', then this rule must also apply to slow songs which mean they are also "mixable". The challenge is to 'identify' the first beat and then start counting: 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Sounds easy, huh? Well, it's not! Becoz many slow songs aren't running with beats in the earlier part of the track.

The next step is by listening to others how they do it and learn their tricks. Check out my affiliates here cause there are lots of great mixtapes going on in their blogs!

So here is the result... my first slowmix. Hope you like them, cause I really enjoy making them. There are certainly more to come in the future.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Roaring 90's

These are the songs that had been 'roaring' my Uni days in early 90's. Mixing and listening to them now certainly bring back a lot of sweet memories. Enjoy!!!

File size: 69,8 MB

Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length time: 49,6 minutes
BPM: 119 - 130

1. Together Forever (New School Dub) --- Lisette Melendez
2. Temptation (Club Mix) --- Corina
3. Think (Virtual Reality Mix) --- Information Society
4. Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (Powerhouse Mix) --- Technotronic
5. Use It Up Wear It Out (Prime Cuts) --- Pat & Mick
6. I'm Too Sexy (Betty's Mix) --- Right Said Fred
7. Touch Me (Sexual Version) --- 49ers
8. Venus (BHF Remix) --- Shocking Blue
9. The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) --- Kenny Dope & The Bucketheads
10. Please Don't Go --- KWS
11. Dirty Cash (Extended Club Mix) --- Stevie V
12. Now That We Found Love (Funkymix) --- Heavy D. & The Boys
13. Love To Hate You --- Erasure
14. This Is It (Club Mix) --- Ruth Campbell
15. The Key The Secret (Glamourously Developed Edit) --- Urban Cookie Collective


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 2

When I did Goin' Eighties Session 2 back in May 2009, it was so damn hard and I got so frustrated mixing from song to song. Almost every songs were not running smoothly eventhough I had beat-matched them already.

Then I learn about a technic called pitch bending or pitch riding, which is constantly adjusting the beat of the incoming or outgoing song to match the other one. It consumes a lot of concentration, since I have to listen carefully to every beat that's running and keep matching them from time to time. Watching the graphic bar on my laptop screen doesn't help a lot since they can be wrong sometimes.

Not only that, Eighties dance songs aren't also as structured as nowadays dance songs (especially house and techno). And 'being me', who love to have a long transition from song to song, a lot of loopings are required.

HARD? Definitely!!! But this also got me hooked and addicted. The harder it becomes, the more curious and challenged I am. :D

So this time, I bring you back the 'REFINED' version of Goin' Eighties 2. Slightly retouch here and there, and smoother transition between songs (hopefully... LOL). Enjoy...!!! :)

1. Shame On Me (@RP!e Boy's Extended Mix) --- Jacky
2. Sending All My Love (Extended Mix) --- Linear
3. The Rain (Extended Mix) - Oran Juice Jones
4. Catch Me I"m Falling (Dance Mix) --- Pretty Poison
5. Snake In The Grass (12" Club Mix) --- Midnight Star
6. How Will I Know (Dance Mix) --- Whitney Houston
7. Goin' To The Bank (Extended Mix) --- Commodores
8. What You See Is What You Get (Club Mix) --- Brenda K. Starr
9. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (Extended Mix) --- Billy Ocean
10. December 1963 (Oh What A Night) --- Four Seasons feat. Frankie Valli
11. Never Gonna Give You Up (Cake Mix) --- Rick Astley
12. Dancing Easy (Club Mix) --- Funhouse
13. Body Rock (Dance Mix) --- Maria Vidal


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 3

Among the Goin' Eighties series, the ones I'm not really satisfied with the results are Session 2 & 3. Session 3 was my first time mixing the 'swing-beat' music (the Milli Vanili and Soul II Soul type of beat) which i find quite different from the other types music I had mixed before.

This time, after learning a few more tricks, I give it another try. Not saying that it's gonna be perfect this time but I'm more happy with the result now. Still, it was not an easy job! A lot of pitch-riding involved here.

If you've listened to the earlier version: What do you think? Can you tell the difference? :D

1. Come Undone --- Duran Duran
2. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine --- The Four Tops
3. Blame It On The Rain (US Club Mix) --- Milli Vanilli
4. The Message Is Love (Cupid Mix) --- Arthur Baker
5. Walk On By (Club Mix) --- Sybil
6. Back To Life (12" Mix) --- Soul II Soul
7. Keep It Together (12" Remix) --- Madonna
8. There's Got To Be A Way (12" Mix) --- Mariah Carey
9. Congratulations (Punchline Mix) --- Sydney Youngblood
10. If It's Love (Ghetto Mix) --- Sydney Fresh Feat. On Vocal Manou
11. Yesterday Once More (Rap Mix) --- Jamtronik
12. If I Can't Have You --- Chyp-Notic
13. Dying Inside (To Hold You) (Heartbreak Mix) --- Timmy Thomas
14. Uptown Top Rankin' (12" Mix) --- Tight N' Up
15. Attenti Al Lupo (WWF Remix) --- DJ Lelewell

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 7

This beautiful compilation plays a very special meaning for me personally. It contains not only beautiful music from the late 80's to early 90's era, but also beautiful memories: the memorable moments when I just finished my high school then go to Sydney to study for the next 6 years. A totally different life, a new chapter for me... which later brought me to a bunch of great people.

It's amazing how a song actually can bring you back to all those sweet and memorable memories. It transported you back to the past and let you feel the sensation all over again.

To my friends in Sydney, this compilation is dedicated to you all. Thank you so much for bringing beautiful and unforgettable moments to my life. Miss you all!!!

1. Hymn --- Magna Charta
2. Return To Innocence (Longer Version) --- Enigma
3. Once In A Lifetime (Extended Version) --- Gregorian
4. Ditty (Club Mix) --- Paperboy
5. Girl You Know It's True (Super Club Mix) --- Milli Vanilli
6. It's A Mystery --- Charlie feat. MC B-True
7. Loving You (Summer Breeze Mix) --- Massivo feat. Tracy
8. Only You (Rap Mix) --- Jackie Moore
9. Don't Make Me Over (12" Version) --- Sybil
10. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (Extended Mix) --- P.M. Dawn
11. It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Ultimix) --- The Soul System
12. Day By Day (Club Mix) --- Kim Wan Sun
13. Tom's Diner (12" Version) --- DNA feat. Suzanne Vega
14. Twilight Zone (New Dimension Mix) --- Moses P
15. (You're My One & Only) True Love --- Seduction

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Love Potion #1

The idea of making this compilation came while I was googling for Bomb The Bass' 'Don't Make Me Wait' for Going Eighties Session 6. Instead, I found 'Say A Little Prayer' first. Then it came to me that one day I should make a mix of downbeat songs. After browsing through my collection in the last few days, I have finally selected 10 songs. I know I won't make you dance this time, but I am very sure that I'll make you Sing-A-Long... :D


1. Killing Me Softly --- The Fugees
2. Say A Little Prayer --- Bomb The Bass
3. Do That To Me One More Time --- Da Flava
4. Bohemian Rhapsody --- The Braids
5. It Must Have Been Love --- Khanissa
6. That's The Way Love Goes --- Janet Jackson
7. Who Is It --- Michael Jackson
8. Officially Missing You --- Tamia ft Talib Kweli
9. Stand By Me --- Seal
10. You've Got A Friend --- Brand New Heavies

Monday, August 3, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 6

More eighties tunes! I put a lot of efforts in this compilation, I actually have to mix this compilation 3 times to get the current result. The first result was fine, but I think I could've done better. So I re-did it again: the second mix, only to realize that I've forgotten to hit the recording button when I was at Whitney's So Emotional...!!! And it was 1:20 AM in the morning. You can imagine me sitting there laughing at myself for being so careless... I guess while mixing I should concentrate more instead of too much dancing and hopping!!! LOL

1. I Want Your Sex --- George Michael
2. Rumors (Shep Pettibone Remix) --- Timex Social Club
3. She Drives Me Crazy (David Z Remix) --- Fine Young Cannibals
4. Escapade (Shep's Good Time Mix) --- Janet Jackson
5. The Promise Of A New Day --- Paula Abdul
6. I Owe You Nothing (Club Mix) --- Bros
7. Lessons In Love (Extended Version) --- Level 42
8. What Have I Done To Deserve This (Prime Cuts) --- Pet Shop Boys
9. Who Found Who (Extended Version) --- Jellybean Feat. Elisa Fiorillo
10. You Set My Heart On Fire (Mix Version) --- Evans & Fisher
11. Billie Jean (12" Remix) --- Michael Jackson
12. So Emotional (Extended Remix) --- Whitney Houston
13. Shake Your Love (Club Mix) --- Debbie Gibson
14. Don't Make Me Wait (Maximum Frequency Mix) --- Bomb The Bass
15. Art In D Minor (Harry Houdini) (Original Radio Edit) --- Kon Kan

Friday, July 17, 2009

SPOTLIGHT - Session 2

I once played my house mixes: SPOTLIGHT in front of my buddy. He commented that most songs are running for too long (more than 5 minutes long). I explained too him about the intro and outro parts for a house track, that it's best to bring the new tune in at the end of the track that's running since there's a mixing space for 32 beats or even more.

Well, he requested me to make another set with shorter tracks. I have never made any revised version of SPOTLIGHT. But still, I took up his request as a challenge. So in this new compilation, I try to shorten each track, and this is as good as I can get so far. Hopefully still enjoyable! :)

I am so looking forward to hear his comment on this mix.

Have a nice weekend everyone and keep grooving!!! :D

1. At The End (Midnight Mix) --- Iio
2. Let's Go Celebrate (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix) --- Lakisha Jones
3. Sandcastle Disco (Freemasons Extended Remix) --- Solange
4. Heartbreak (Makes Me A Dancer) (Freemasons Club Mix) --- Sophie Ellis Bextor
5. So Many Times (Original Mix) --- Gadjo feat. Alexandra
6. It Had Better Be Tonight (Club Mix) --- Michael Bublé
7. Missing (Tenishia Mix) --- Everything But The Girl
8. Mueve Su Pelo (Original Mix) --- Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez
9. So Sexy (Jamie Lewis Censured Mix) --- Jamie Lewis and DJ Pippi feat. Kim Cooper
10. In the Ayer (Jason Nevins Extended Mix) --- Flo Rida
11. Boom Boom Pow (Alexander & Mark VDH Mix) --- Black Eyed Peas
12. I Know You Want Me [Calle Ocho] (Extended Mix) --- Pitbull
13. Fire Burning (Dave Aude Club Mix) --- Sean Kingston
14. I Gotta Feelin' (Armand Deluxe Remix) --- Black Eyed Peas
15. Battlefield (Jason Nevins Mixshow) --- Jordin Sparks

Monday, July 6, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 5

More Eighties! The playlists was actually edited for a couple of times. I was gonna throw in some Italo Disco after Sabrina's Boys but in the end I decided to scrap them all. I think Italo Disco songs are nice to listen to, they will make you move your head... but won't make you went berserk on the dance floor. So I decided to throw in some rap and hip-hop. I also add a hip-hop tune from Indonesia: "Memble Tapi Kece". If you understand the lyrics... it's a very funny song indeed.

I've re-uploaded the mix since I notice that the first upload was disrupted by some 'cracker' sounds in some parts. Although it's not very obvious, but you can still hear them if you pay attention. In the end I found out it's some setting problems that I need to adjust changing from Windows XP to Vista. Now that the problem is solved, you can enjoy a clean and undisrupted music. So, let's dance to these Eighties Goldies now!!! Yee-Haa...

1. Show Me (The Nest Mix) --- The Cover Girls
2. Like A Child (12 Vocal - 1018 Club Mix) --- Noel
3. Summertime, Summertime (Club Mix) --- Nocera
4. Bad Boy (Extended PWL Remix) --- Den Harrow
5. Inside To Outside (The Happening Mix) --- Limahl
6. Engine No. 9 (Vocal Extended Remix) --- Midnight Star
7. I Beg Your Pardon (Club Mix) --- Kon Kan
8. Boys (Remix) --- Sabrina
9. Funky Cold Medina (Funky Mix) --- Tone-Loc
10. What People Do For Money (12") --- Divine Sounds
11. Memble Tapi Kece --- Mizta D
12. U Can't Touch This (Ultimix) --- MC Hammer
13. I'll Always Follow You (Ultimix) --- C.C. Diva
14. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You --- Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rainbow Nation

I was driving along the heavily congested roads of Bandung with some friends during a weekend for dinner. Instead of stressing out among the stucked traffic, we had a great time staying inside the car listening to my Oldies But Goodies compilation. The music was played so loud, I bet people around us can hear it too :)

My friends commented: "Why aren't the clubs in Jakarta playing such songs... something listenable... something danceable...!!!" FYI, unlike clubs I've been to in Singapore, Bangkok or Hongkong, most of the clubs in Jakarta are playing either Progressive House (in the southern part) or "Kota" House Music (in the west and northern part). I personally 'couldn't stand' those music. Apparently, my friends share the same ideas with me.

It's been years since I went into the clubs here in Jakarta (but never miss one if I was overseas)... since the big wave of Progressive House and "Kota" House swipe away all the good dance tunes and classic discos in Jakarta during the mid-90's. Somehow I believe that the widely use of Esctacy pills are also part of the contributing reason. Those who have tried the pills told me that "these music" made them even 'higher' while taking the pills. Yeah right... but for those who drinks regular (alcoholic) beverages: these songs sucks!!! They are just beat and drums, no melody, no singing!!! Not to mention the "Kota" House which I personally find so monoton and "kampungan" ("so country"). Well, maybe it's just me getting old. Time to step aside and let the younger ones take over the dancefloor... LOL

I remember how envy I was to friends living in Singapore and Hongkong while going to the clubs in their countries in the late 90's. Their clubs was playing such a good music: Cher, Kylie, Gina G, Fragma or even SASH.... Something that I could never have back in Jakarta at that time. Non-stop compilations that I could only enjoyed from imported CDs which are not cheap at all.

Anyway, those times of craving and longing for going to a club that plays "good" music are over. Most clubs in Jakarta are still playing that Progressive and "Kota" House, BUT NOW... I MIX MY OWN MUSIC.... Hua ha ha ha haaa!!! *evil laugh in the background*

So for those who shares the same "misery" like me, this compilation is dedicated for you all! :)


1. To Deserve You (Definitive Vocal Mix) --- Deja Vu feat. Tasmin
2. Careless Whisper (7" Cult Mix) --- Sarah Washington
3. One Word (Chris Cox Club Remix) --- Kelly Osbourne
4. Happenin' All Over Again (Extended Mix) --- Lonnie Gordon
5. Better The Devil You Know (Almighty Anthem Mix 2003) --- Almighty Showgirls
6. Believe (Almighty Definitive Mix) --- Cher
7. Waiting For Tonight (Matt & Vito Vox Club Mix) --- Jennifer Lopez
8. So Many Men So Little Time (Almighty Definitive Mix) --- Miquel Brown
9. From Paris To Berlin (Extended Mix) --- Infernal
10. Left Outside Alone (Jason Nevins Remix) --- Anastacia
11. A Girl Like You (Club Mix) --- Princess Paragon
12. Holding Out For A Hero (Amo & Spilhman Remix) --- N feat. Carmi
13. In The Navy (XXL Disaster Remix) --- Captain Jack
14. Butterfly (Extended version) ---
15. Dragostea Din Dei (DJ Ross Extended Remix) --- O-Zone



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Monday, June 15, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 4

1. Come With Me --- Jesse Green
2. Mercy Mercy Me --- Robert Palmer
3. Stars (Comprende Mix) --- Simply Red
4. Breakaway (Phil Harding PWL 12'' Mix) --- Donna Summer
5. La Isla Bonita (Extended Remix) --- Madonna
6. You To Me Are Everything (Decade Remix 76-86) --- The Real Thing
7. Close To Perfection --- Miquel Brown
8. Don't Blame It On That Girl (12" Mix) --- Matt Bianco
9. Call Me (Original Euro 12'' Mix) --- Spagna
10. Dressed For Success (Success Mix) --- Roxette
11. Love In The First Degree (Jailers Mix) --- Bananarama
12. It's A Sin (Disco Mix) --- Pet Shop Boys
13. In Private (Extended Mix) --- Dusty Springfield
14. Memory --- Menage

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PCD ~ In The Mix

whatcha think about that
I hate this part
hush hush
jai ho (you are my destiny)
don't cha
when I grow up

Download Links:


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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been wanting to make a compilation consisting disco songs from 70's and 80's for quite sometime. Either they are from the original singer/band, nor the song has been re-sung again by other singers. Thanks to my fellow DJs from my links and the 80's forum who have helped a lot in gathering these songs and making it possible.

The first recording went wrong. It's not till I listen to them in my car I realized that there are some annoying "hiccups" during the songs transitions. So I've decided to re-mix them all over again, and here are the results:

1. It's Raining Men --- Safri Duo feat. Geri Halliwel & Weather Girls
2. YMCA (Almighty Mix) --- The Village People
3. You're My First, My Last, My Everything (2002 Club Ibiza White Label) --- Barry White
4. Shine On Silvermoon (2006 Remix) --- Gloria Gaynor
5. September 99' (Mutant Disco Vocal) --- Earth, Wind & Fire
6. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Groove That Soul Remix) --- Boys Town Gang
7. Boogie Wonderland (7th Heaven's Mirrorball Mix) --- Earth, Wind & Fire
8. Abracadabra (Round N Round) (7th Heaven Club Mix) --- Steve Miller Band
9. Ride Like The Wind (Beat Of The Westside Mix) --- Montana Sextet Feat. Nadlyah
10. Copacabana (Powerhouse Mix) --- Barry Manilow
11. I Will Survive (1993 Phil Kelsey Classic 12" Mix) --- Gloria Gaynor
12. I Will Always Love You (12" Original Mix) --- Sarah Washington
13. Don't Leave Me This Way (Almighty Mix) --- Thelma Houston
14. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie (12" Extended Mix) --- Bjorn Again
15. Walking In Rhythm (7" Euro Radio Edit) --- Shy Guy

Thursday, May 7, 2009


In Spirit (Biff N' Memphis Mix) --- Dilemma
Stereo Flo (Club Mix) --- Dada, Obernik & Harris
Give It Away (Club Mix) --- Deepest Blue
Imagination (Kaskade Club Mix) --- JES
Rush Hour (Fonzerelli Hot & Sexy Mix) --- SJB Feat. Jane Wiedlin
Angel (Chicane Mix) --- Natasha Beddingfield
White Horse (Whelan & Discaland Mix) --- Sarah McLeod
Silence (Niels Van Gogh VS Thomas Gold Remix) --- Delirium Feat. Sarah McLachlan
One & One (Club Mix) --- Robert Miles Feat. Maria Nayler
Empty Streets (Haji & Emanuel Remix) --- Late Night Alumni
Everybody Everybody (Benny Benassi Remix) --- Black Box
Carmenita Lounging (Opera House Re-Edit) --- Coco Der Mer

Download Links:
4shared - PART 1
4shared - PART 2

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is my 4th mix. It contains some special requests from those who are dear to me. And I must admit that I "REALLY REALLY" had a fabulous time mixing them. I just couldn't stop myself from shaking and dancing while making this compilation!

Well, hopefully this effect is contagious to other listeners as well... :P

By the time, I 'thought' I had enough... I realized that I've made a pretty big-sized file. It was supposed to fit in one CD only... :D

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them as much as me shaking my booty while mixing them... LOL

1. Spotlight (Johnny Vicious Muzik Mix) --- Jennifer Hudson
2. T.O.N.Y (Mark Picchiotti Club Mix) --- Solange
3. Love Won't Wait (Extended Mix) --- Gary Barlow
4. Closer (Stonebridge Club mix) --- Ne-Yo
5. Lost Without You (Smash N' Grab Mix) --- Delta Goodrem
6. Damaged (Global Factory Club Mix) --- Danity Kane
7. Womanizer (DJ Laszlo Club Mix) --- Britney Spears
8. See You Again (Aaron Paetsch Club Mix) --- Miley Cyrus
9. The One (Freemasons Vocals Club Mix) --- Kylie Minogue
10. Miles Away (Johnny Vicious Club Mix) --- Madonna
11. I Hate This Part (Dave Aude Club Mix) --- The Pussycat Dolls
12. Love Story (Digital Dog Remix) --- Taylor Swift
13. Love Struck (Jason Nevins Remix) --- V Factory
14. Can't Get Over (Long Disco Mix) --- September
15. Love Sex Magic (Versatile Mix) --- Ciara & Justin Timberlake
16. It's Alright, It's OK (Jason Nevins Remix) --- Ashley Tisdale
17. Takin' Back My Love (Glam As You Club Mix) --- Enrique Iglesias & Ciara
18. The Trouble With Love Is (Bermudez & Bertoldo Delinquent Cupid Mix) --- Kelly Clarkson
19. Jai Ho (DJ Fisun Extended Mix) --- AR Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
20. I'm Yours (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Radio Edit) --- Jason Mraz

Download link:

4shared - Part 1
4shared - Part 2

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Goin' Eighties

Remaking my very first mix of 80's classic disco. Enjoy!!!

1. Silent Morning (12" Club Mix) --- Noel
2. American Soviets (Original Mix) --- CCCP
3. Head To Toe (Album Version) --- Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
4. Word Up (Original 12" Extended Mix) --- Cameo
5. Forever Your Girl (Ultimix) --- Paula Abdul
6. Breakout (Club Mix) --- Swing Out Sisters
7. Conga (Original Remix) --- Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine
8. Tell It To My Heart (Club Mix) --- Taylor Dayne
9. Because of You (Remix) --- The Cover Girls
10. A Zillion Kisses (Big Beat Mix) --- Tommy Page
11. The Promise (Ollie North Mix) --- When In Rome
12. Spring Love (Club Mix) --- Stevie B
13. Electric Youth (Electro Mix) - Debbie Gibson

Friday, April 10, 2009

Oldies But Goodies

This is my 2nd mix which consists my favourite songs from the 80's, 90's and some recent ones.

1. Into The Groove (Manu Steel Edit) --- Madonna
2. Self Control (Extended Mix) --- Infernal
3. Gloria (Album Version) --- Young Divas
4. Crazy (Almighty Mix) --- Carolyn Winters
5. Save Your Love (97' Mix) --- Destination
6. My Life Would Suck Without You (DJ Taj vs Almighty Mix) --- Kelly Clarkson
7. Sweet Lady Night (House Bump Ext. Mix) --- J.K.
8. One Day In Your Life (Almighty Mix) --- Anastacia
9. First Be A Woman (Dance Mix) --- Gloria Gaynor
10. Santa Maria (Wah-Hey Mix) --- Tatjana
11. Xanadu (I Live In Newtown John Mix) --- The Olivia Project feat. Paula
12. Boogie Wonderland (7th Heaven Mix) --- Earth, Wind & Fire
13. If You Could Read My Mind (Original Club Mix) --- Stars on 54
14. Fernando (Dean's Delicious Mix) --- Abbacadabra

Download Links:


- To download Winrar, click here.
- To download from IndoWebster: copy and paste the download link. On the new page, find and click "CLICK ME (Supported by IDWS)".

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Pioneer --- MY 1ST MIX

I firstly knew about DJs and what they do was back in my high school when for the first time I stepped into a discotheque. While my friends were enjoying the scene and girls dancing, I was more drawn into the DJ booth and what was happening in there. I was more into the music played and listen to how one song is mixed to another.

Back in my Uni days, my friends bought me a mixer for birthday gift. I was overjoyed! But later on I found out that you also need a special player that can adjust the music speed. And with my student's budget, those things are definitely not affordable. :D

These days, things are much easier. You can mix music from your laptop. So, when I made this mixes, I was just introduced to Virtual DJ for two weeks only. Anyway, this is my very first mix: my pioneer project. Not too much expectation of course, as bear in mind that this is done by an amateur only. Nevertheless, I believe that everything has a beginning.... It's all about learning by doing, right! ;)

1. Jai Ho (DJ Fisun Radio Edit) --- AR Rahman & Pussycat Dolls
2. My Life Would Suck Without You (Chriss Ortega Club Mix) --- Kelly Clarkson
3. Takin Back My Love (Jody Den Broeder Club Mix) --- Enrique Iglesias & Ciara
4. Empty Streets (Aurora Remix) --- Late Night Alumni
5. No Can Do (Wawa Club Remix) --- Sugababes
6. Whatcha Think About That (Stonebridge Club Mix) --- Pussycat Dolls
7. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Stonebridge Club Mix) --- Boys Town Gang
8. Just Dance (Kelvin Almighty Mix) --- Lady Gaga
9. U Wanna Little Of This (Wawa Vocal Remix) --- Ricki-Lee
10. Release Me (TV Rock Edit) --- Zoe Badwi
11. Walk Away (Ralphi Rosario Extended Club Mix) --- Kelly Clarkson
12. Don't Cha (Ralphi Rosario Hot Freak Remix) --- Pussycat Dolls
13. One Night Only (Ralphi Rosario Club Remix) --- Beyonce



- To download Winrar, click here.
- To download from IndoWebster: copy and paste the download link. On the new page, find and click "CLICK ME (Supported by IDWS)".

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