Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rain Rain Rain

Jakarta was hit badly by heavy rains which resulted in flooding in many regions. I was on the roads for hours on Thursday morning Jan 17, 2013 looking for the safe and right toll road exit. I have never seen so much water in my life... Unbelievable...!!!!!

Returning back to home as my office wasn't accessible due to the 1 meter flood on the way there, I decided to do a live broadcast with the theme "RAIN". So I filter all the songs in my library with the word 'Rain' and pull all the selected songs to a folder. Then I pick and play these songs and broadcast them online.

Here is the recording. Hopefully, I don't have to make a mixtape which reminds me about "Rain & Flood" again in the future. Enjoy!

File Size: 110,8 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:20:36
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. It Will R4in - Brun0 M4rs
2. R4in - Mad0nna
3. I Wish It Would R4in D0wn - Jackie M00re
4. Blam3 It 0n The Rain - Milli V4nilli
5. Crying In The Rain - I-Yeah
6. Rain & Shine - Five St4rs
7. The Adventures 0f R4in Danc3 Maggi3 - R3d Hot Chilli P3pp3rs
8. S3t The Fir3 To The Rain - 4dele
9. I Can't St4nd The Rain - Erupti0n
10. The Rain - Oran 'Juice' Jones
11. The Rain - Samira
12. Sunshine After The Rain - Angelica
13. TAXI (Standing In The Rain) - Yellow Cab
14. Rainy Day - Brando
15. Stop The Rain - Alice's Wonderland
16. Have You Ever Seen The Rain - Credence
17. Standing In The R4in - J0hn Paul Y0ung
18. Here C0mes The Rain Again - Eurythm1cs
19. When It R4ins - Nadi4 Ali
20. R4in 0ver Me - P1tbull feat. M4rc Anth0ny
21. Sunshin3 In The Rain - B0dies Without 0rgan

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Classic Disco Mix 15: REGGAE REVIVAL

When Ace Of Base launched their popular hits in All That She Wants (1992) and The Sign (1993). A lot of other similiar songs also came out using the same beats. Well, such trend was nothing new actually. I remember when Eric B Rakim or Milli Vanilli in the late 80s came out, there were so many other songs using the same beats. So was when Snap's The Power was released back in 1990.

I call these songs as "me too" products! But in Ace Of Base followers' case, it's rather different. Although there are a few 'quite' okay ones, I find most of them as cheap and uninovative attempts to ride along the success of the Ace Of Base hits. Not only the music is so basic, cover version and homogen, but some of the vocals were really so horrendous. That's why after releasing so many mixes all this time, I hardly play any of these songs (except those by Jessica Jay which I actually like). 

Nevertheless, my fanpage: Classic Disco Mix got some requests late last year to make a mixtape for the early 90's reggae hits that were very popular in Indonesia. And since the other djs refused to do them, I guess I'll make one mix to please these fans.

After carefully selecting each tracks and find a way to make them as interesting as I could, here is the final result. Well, I hope you can enjoy them, or at least appreciate my effort to please others here... He he hee... :)

File Size: 133,4 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:37:05
Mixed by: IndigoDeville

1. Open Up Your Heart And Let The Sunshine In - Premier Featuring Marquise
2. Ging Gang Gooly - Inner Kneipe
3. Casablanca - Jessica Jay
4. The Sign - Ace Of Base
5. Uptown Top Ranking - Ali & Frazier
6. Staying Alive - Fever feat. Tippa Irie
7. Rich Girl - Louchie Lou & Michie One
8. The Truth Is - Jessica Jay
9. Broken Hearted Woman - Jessica Jay
10. Foreign Affair - Randy Bush
11. Run Baby Run - Nora Simon
12. In The Summertime - David Harleyson
13. Because I Love You - Shannon James
14. Have I Told You Lately - Jessica Jay
15. Flirtatious Heart - Jessica Jay
16. To Love Somebody - Rita Salvini
17. Love Is All Around - Mind Affair
18. Sleeping Child - Kamlimbas feat. Sharon
19. I Need You - BVSMP
20. Denpasar Moon - Jessica Jay
21. Games People Play - Tina Washington
22. All That She Wants - Ace Of Base
23. I Love To Love - Randy Bush
24. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World - Princess Rose
25. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - W Johnson
26. Baby I Love Your Way - Tina Washington
27. Marimba Day - Novecento
28. I Can't Help Falling In Love - Jessica Jay
29. Don't Surrender - Latina

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