Friday, July 27, 2012

Goin' 80s, Goin LIVE: Programme 3 - The Birthday Mix

I have such a great week this week. People I've known and loved, they all made me feel very special on my birthday. Thus I'd like to do something special too this weekend to thank you all for your kind attention.I have two mixtapes on hand ready to be released. They were actually the recordings of my LIVE BROADCAST  I did this week: one on my birthday and the other one two days after when I suddenly have a huge hunger for Italo Disco songs.

Initially, I meant to release one only this weekend, and another one for later. But what a heck... Since it has been a very special week, I'll make an exception this weekend by releasing double albums at once. Being LIVE BROADCAST recordings, please bear with some of the mistakes I made. Enjoy, and have a great weekend...!!!!!

File Size: 65,1 & 65 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 47:15 & 47:11
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Things That Make You Go Hmm. - C+C Music Factory
2. Smoke On The Water - King Kurlee Feat. Blackmore Jr.
3. Let The Beat Hit 'Em - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam
4. In The Closet - Michael Jackson
5. Breakout - Swing Out Sister
6. Caribbean Queen - Billy Ocean
7. Burnin' Up - Michael Jonzun
8. What Have You Done For Me Lately - Janet Jackson
9. My Male Curiosity - Kid Creole & The Coconuts
10. Dance Your Way Out Of The Door - Sharon Dee Clarke
11. For Tonight - Nancy Martinez
12. Big Fun (Kendy's Edit) - The Gap Band
13. Summertime Summertime - Nocera
14. Sexappeal - Georgio
15. That's What Love Can Do - Boy Krazy
16. Billie Jean - Jako
17. Harry Houdini - Kon Kan
18. Cross My Heart - Eighth Wonder
19. ABC Of Kissing - Richard John Smith
20. She Wants To Dance With Me - Rick Astley
21. Sakura Dalam Pelukan (aRPie Blended Mix) - Chrisye
22. We Got A Love Thang - Ce Ce Peniston
23. Funky Cold Medina - Tone Loc
24. Waarom Huil Je Toch, Nona Manis (aRPie Blended Mix) - Rudi van Dalm & His Raindrops
25. Dressed For Success - Roxette
26. Everlasting Love - Sandra
27. When Will I See You Again - Magda Layna

Goin' 80s, Goin LIVE: Programme 2 - Italo Disco Party

A recording from my recent LIVE BROADCAST. Being a unprepared and 'pick & play' session, please bear with the little mistakes I made here. Enjoy...!!!!

File Size: 76,2 & 76,6 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 55:19 & 55:37
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Lady Valentine - Monte Kristo
2. Pretty Young Girl - Bad Boys Blue
3. What My Heart Wanna Say - Roger Meno
4. Don't Cry - Ken Laszlo
5. Sherry Mi-Sai - Monte Kristo
6. Give Me Up - Michael Fortunati
7. Don't Wake Me Up - J.D. Jaber
8. Colder Than Ice - Grant Miller
9. Heartflash - Linda Jo Rizzo
10. Play The Game - Rudy & Co.
11. Secrets - Albert One
12. Cheri Cheri Lady - Modern Talking
13. Tonight - Ken Laszlo
14. A Dream - Robert Grace
15. You're My First, You're My Last - Linda Jo Rizzo
16. Gimme Your Love Tonight - Sandy Wilson
17. Only You Can - Kelly Brown
18. You Can Win If You Want - Modern Talking
19. I Don't Wanna Lose You - David Lyme
20. I Want You - Gary Low
21. Into The Night - Michael Fortunati
22. Like A Burning Star - Jessica
23. Eat You Up - Angie Gold
24. I Cry For You - Shy Rose
25. Mama Radio - Rudy & Co.
26. Hey Hey Guy - Ken Laszlo
27. Blue Night In Alcatraz - Sister Sister
28. Boom Boom - Paul Lelakis
29. So Many Men, So Little Time - Miquel Brown
30. When Will I See You Again - Magda Layna

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

goin' jazzy 2: Sh4k4t4k

After making Goin' Jazzy 1 which I enjoy so much and play it over and over again, I've decided to make another one soon. If the first volume plays more of modern fusion jazz types of songs, this time I'd like to make it a little bit "pop feel". Hopefully my listeners can relate more to it and find the songs are more familiar.In this 2nd installment, I am mixing a number of Sh4katak songs that I like a lot since I bought the CD: Shak4tak - Remix Best 4lbum back in early 90s. Enjoy, folks!

File Size: 46,4 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 33:41
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Easi3r Said Than Don3
2. Don't S4y That 4gain
3. Out 0f This W0rld
4. Livin' 1n Th3 U.K.
5. Ri0 Nights
6. Down 0n The Str33ts
7. N1ght B1rds
8. Invitati0n
9. Dark 1s The N1ght

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

goin' jazzy

I've been collecting some deep house albums for the past few months. Growing to like this genre more and more each day. Find them very relaxing! Well, there are times I wanna listen to noisy and heavy dance songs, but there are moments I don't want to focus on what I'm listening but still realize there are some light beats running in the background.

Upon my search I stumble on some very unique and nice jazzy house albums. But getting used listening to mixes, I just can't stand to listening to each of these songs as a whole. They runs for 6-8 minutes on average.

So I've decided to choose a couple and make a mix out of them for my personal enjoyment. Well, hope they'll be of use to you too.

File Size: 56,2 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 40:47
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Give It Up - Rain, A Lil L0uis P4inting
2. On My Way - K3rri Chandl3r
3. Nick's Them3 - Nick J0nes Experi3nce
4. The Real Thing - Fr4nkie Felici4no
5. T0uch The Gr00ve - Lenny F0ntana, Eastsid3 M0vement
6. Back 2 Chicago - Infinty, Milk
7. Sp4nish Danc3r - Rom4tt Project
8. Gr00ve Asylum - Julius P4pp, Dave W4rrin
9. Re-Conn3cted - DJ Sm4sh
10. Dim's J4zz - Dimitri Fr0m P4ris
11. Skin - MKL, S0y S0s


Spotlight ON AIR: 02.07.12

Taking a break from US EDM, I decided to listen and play some European dance songs. I find them quite different from what I am used to play, but still give very enjoyable vibes. Enjoy!

File Size: 92,9 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:07:32
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Get It All - Mikee Introna
2. Think About The Way - Gigi Barocco VS Ice MC
3. Give Me - Charlie Mauthe & JH Feat. Claus
4. On Fire - Alex Guesta Feat. David Goncalves
5. Your Love - Beethoven TBS
6. I Miss You - A&M Production
7. Sexy Moves - Thaya
8. Follow Me - Mario Spray & Morris Corti Feat. Eleonora Rossi
9. Tricky Disco - Discotronic
10. Don't Miss The Party Line - Electronic Noise
11. I Rock, I Sweat, I Dance - Morris Corti & Euginio Lamedica
12. Where Have You Gone - Freedome
13. You Wanna Belong - Joy Di Maggio
14. You Can Get Down - C-Side
15. Kiss Me Now - Lorenzo B Feat. Elix & Niela
16. Livin' It Up - Funkatomic Feat. Danny


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Goin' 80s, Goin LIVE 1

This is a recording from my LIVE SESSION at Mixlr for Classic Disco Mix listeners. Songs were picked and played randomly on the spot, and some of them I've never played before. So I was very busy as some songs only runs for 2-3 minutes time, and I also interacted in LIVE CHAT with the listeners. So, please bear with the little mistakes I made here and there... :P

I've broken the files in two parts for Official FM since it was a pretty big file. But if you don't have download speed problem, you can download from House-Mixes. Enjoy!

File Size: 83,8 mb & 104,3 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:00:55 & 1:15:47
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Eternal L0ve - PJ & Dunc4n
2. Spend1ng My Tim3 - R0xette
3. Wat3rfalls - T L C
4. La Vie En Rose - Grac3 Jon3s
5. Everybody Plays A F00l - Aar0n Nevill3
6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm L00king For - The Chimes
7. Come Und0ne - Dur4n Dur4n
8. Return T0 Inn0cence - En1gma
9. Rock Me 4madeus - Falc0
10. Im Nin 4lu - 0fra Haza
11. Mama - S.L. Line
12. Drop The Boy - Bros
13. Monkey - Ge0rge Mich4el
14. My Love 1s For Real - Paul4 Abdul
15. An0ther Day 1n Paradise - S.L. Line
16. Bayang Bayang Ilusi (aRPie Blended Mix) - Anggun C. Sasmi
17. Good To B3 Back (aRPie Blended Mix) - Natali3 Col3
18. I Want Your S3x - Ge0rge Mich4el
19. Check Out The Chicken - Grandmaster Chicken & dj Duck
20. Bajing Luncat (Jerry B Mix - Winz Reworks) - Upit Sarimanah
21. Bl00d On The Dance Fl00r - Micha3l Jacks0n
22. G0 F0r It - J0ey B. Ellis & Tynet4 Have
23. Oo La La La - Sam Jam
24. Big In Japan - Alph4ville
25. Mermaid (Zabreack's Naughty Mix) - Tatshuro Yamashita
26. Mars Pembantu - Titi Kamal
27. Close T0 You - Whigfi3ld
28. Funky Funky Pe0ple - Bl4ck M4chine
29. T00 Much Of A G00d Thing - Kyli3 Min0gu3
30. Lik3 4 Pr4y3r - M4d0nn4
31. Billi3 J34n - Mich43l Jacks0n
32. What Hav3 I D0ne T0 Deserv3 This - P3t Sh0p B0ys
33. New York, Ri0, Tokyo - Tri0 Ri0
34. B0dy R0ck - Mari4 Vid4l
35. Shin3 On Silver M00n - M4rilyn McCoo & Billy D4vis Jr.
36. Can't Tak3 My Eyes 0ff You - B0ys T0wn G4ng
37. When Will 1 See You Again - Magda Layna


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