Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 8

Hi Guys, after a hard banging session with ELECTROCUTION #2, I am now giving you a cool down 80's mix with songs ranging from 93-103 bpm... a sing-a-long collection of songs.

It takes forever to make this mix! Not the mixing process, but the songs gatherings! Some songs here like: Sandy Lam's (track 2), Titi DJ's (track 3), Sterling Silver & Mac Delight (track 10) and Children Of The World's (track 12) are really really hard to find.

I knew Sandy Lam's Ai Sang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De Ren while I was studying from a Hongkong fellow. The slow song was a BIG hit, but not many people knew there was a remix dance version of it. I had the cd before but lost it somewhere. It wasn't until my last holiday to HK, I asked my HK friend to rip it for me into MP3. Yet, the quality is not satisfying.

The second track was a huge hit in Indonesia in early 90's. It was about a girl asking if it's wrong to find herself falling in love with another person when she's already has a relationship. Ironically, the singer just broke up with her long-time boyfriend because of another man. But since the song was a HUGE hit, I can imagine that she had to sing the song over and over again eventhough she didn't like it! I guess it must felt like slapping your own face to sing a song about cheating, when in real life you just did it to your boyfriend... Ha ha haa... This song later came up with a new version: A Rock Remix... But I personally still prefer the original one which is very hard to find on cds. My friend finally sent me the 320 kbps mp3 which was ripped from a cassette tape. Though the vocal was clear, but the bass was almost gone. The overall sound became rather 'crispy'. So I decided to add some beats from Soul II Soul's Keep On Movin' to it. Hope it doesn't sound too bad.

Talking about the song quality, having mixed some house and electro lately with strong bass, I felt rather funny mixing these songs since some of them have a very low bass level. For example: I ripped Aaron Neville's track 05 and Cover Girls' track 13 from my cds. First, I ripped them into 192 kbps... the bass was very low! Then I ripped them again into 320 kbps... still no bass but clearer vocal... If you notice some other tracks here also has very low bass level, eventhough I downloaded them 192kbps or above. Hmm... What to do?

File size: 69,5 MB
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length time: 50,3 mnts
BPM: 93 - 103


01. Sadness --- Enigma
02. Ai Sang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De Ren (Remix) --- Sandy Lam
03. Salahkah Aku (Goin' 80s Remix) --- Titi DJ
04. Never Gave Up On You --- Fan Club
05. Everybody Plays The Fool (12" I Ain't Lyin' Mix) --- Aaron Neville
06. What A Wonderful World --- Dr. Felix
07. No Woman No Cry (Root Mix) --- Baby Roots
08. Straight Up (12 inch Remix) --- Paula Abdul
09. Don't Cry Tonight (Remix '89) --- Savage feat. Ice MC
10. Hello Babe (Love Mix) --- Sterling Silver & Mac Delight
11. Iko Iko (Extended Remix) --- The Belle Stars
12. Reggae Round The World (Steven Foe Mix) --- Children Of The World
13. No One In This World --- The Cover Girls


IndigoDeviLLe said...

@Jack Jonesy:

The Fan Club - I Never Gave Up On You

IndigoDeviLLe said...

Sandy Lam - Ai Sang Yi Ge Bu Hui Jia De Ren:\

Aaron Neville - Everybody's Play A Fool (12" I Ain't Lying Mix):

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