Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Spotlight ON AIR: 13.09.11

It's been awhile since I made any commercial house / top 40 mixes. The playlists that I've prepared for Spotlight 9 were "fried" along with the motherboard of my old laptop. And to prepare it all over again, I'm just too lazy. The mood is gone.

I think those days where I would sit down, and choose carefully and patiently which songs and their remixes for my upcoming mixtapes are gone. I just get more and more lazier now.

Yet, the requests for TOP 40/Commercial House mixes keep coming it. I felt that I owe these mixes to my listeners whose been following my music since the very beginning I started mixing.

So rather than no mixtapes, I've decided to publish the recordings of my live broadcasts (called Spotlight ON AIR). Please keep in mind that these live mixes are far from perfect and totally unprepared. Most of the time I only select the first 3-4 songs to set the mood, then the rest just go with the flow. And if I make mistakes then just let it be, there's no turning back to make sit all over again (told ya I'm lazy... Wkwkwkwkww).
So, please bear with it :)

But one thing I can promise you all: I'LL MAKE YOU DANCE to these mixes!


File Size: 132,2 MB
Length: 1:36:12
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. R0bert M!les - 0ne & 0ne
2. 3dward Maya feat. Al!c!a - Stere0 L0ve
3. Dada, Obernik & Harris - Stere0 Flo
4. Lak!sha Jones - Let's G0 Celebrate
5. Anjul!e - L0ve S0ngs
6. Savag3 Gard3n - T0 The M00n & Back
7. P1tbu11 feat. M4rc 4nth0ny - Ra!n 0ver Me
8. Far 3ast M0vement - L!ke A G6
9. Jenn!fer L0pez feat. P1tbu!! - 0n The Fl00r (DJ Henri Bet Extended Mix)
10. Alexandra Stan - Mr. Sax0beat
11. Y0landa Be C00l - We N0 Speak Amer!can0
12. Shak!ra - L0ca
13. Gl0r!a Est3fan - Wepa
14. Mad0nn4 - G!ve !t To Me
15. Mar00n 5 feat. Chr!st!na Agu!lera - M0ves L!ke Jagg3r
16. Mayra Ver0n!ca - Freak Like Me
17. N!cole Scherz!nger - Po!s0n
18. Br!tney Sp3ars - T!ll The W0rld 3nds
19. Klaas Meets Haddaway - What !s Love
20. M0vet0wn - Girl You Know It's True
21. M0dern Talk!ng - Hey You (Edgar III After Dinner Remix)


NB: To download at House-Mixes, you'll have to register at the site first.

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