Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spotlight ON AIR: 20.03.12

There are moments when I made full preparations for my mixes, like those in Spotlight, Goin' Eighties and Electrocution series: choosing songs and carefully selecting each remixes that would fit in the energy for the whole mix. That probably my best excuse when people asked me why it took so long to release one of the series... :P

But there are also times when I just play the songs randomly. Usually to try out new songs I've just acquired or maybe play out some old time favourites or songs that I haven't played before. Just pick and play, and I call them practice sessions.

I actually have quite a number of practice sessions' recordings. Some were recorded during live broadcast, and others were recording from my trial and error sessions. Most of the time, I kept them for my own personal listening; but when I decide to release them, I call them as "Spotlight ON AIR" or "Classic Disco Mix". Well, either I am not good to think of any new names or just too lazy to do it. :D

In the midst of preparing the upcoming SPOTLIGHT 10, I've decided to release this practice session I did a few nights ago to fill in an empty spot this week at TOP 40 Mixes Factory facebook fanpage. It was just some "basic mix in and mix out" sessions with songs that all run in the same key. As I was looking for new challenges, I decided to do the mixing without the aid of waveforms at all. Yes, the new Serato ITCH 2.1 allows me to do that with one of its available skins. Not that I rely 100% on these waveforms all this time, but I find these colourful waveforms really make things so much more convenient. Of course, the main rule still apply: ALWAYS TRUST YOUR EARS!!!!

Well, it was very interesting and challenging indeed although I have to make a few adjustments to the way I usually mix. Definitely will do it more in the future when I'm bored.

Anyway, here's the mix... Listen & enjoy!!!!

File Size: 104,5 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:16:00
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. 4 M1nutes (B0b Sinclar Space Funk Mix) - Mad0nna feat. Justin Timb3rlake & Timb4land
2. Me Without You (Vada Club Mix) - L0ick Ess1en
3. Oh My G00dness (Cagedbaby Club Mix) - O11y Murs
4. If Only You (Roman May Remix) - Danny S4ucedo feat. Th3rese
5. Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix) - Nad1a Ali
6. Release M3 (TV Rock Edit) - Zo3 Badw1
7. In For The Ki11 (Michael Woods Remix) - La R0ux
8. What C0mes Around G0es Ar0und (Club Mix) - 1da Corr
9. Beat Aga1n (D1gital D0g Club Mix) - J.L.S.
10. Get Up (Bef0re The Night 1s Over) (General Elektric Mix) -  Gl0bal Deej4ys Feat. Techn0tronic
11. This Time (Rem4dy Remix) - DJ Anto1ne
12. P0ker Fac3 (Glam As Y0u Club Mix) - L4dy G4g4
13. R3medy (W1deboys Stadium Club Mix) - Littl3 B00ts
14. Sw33t Dre4ms (Harlan P3pper & AG III Remix) - Beyonc3
15. 1nsomnia (Haj1 & Emm4nuel Remix) - Cra1g Dav1d

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