Friday, November 1, 2013

My New Baby: VCI 380

October has been an exciting month for me. Yes, the VCI 380 controller I bought in August through my friend: DJ PZach, finally arrived after taking two months journey by sea from USA.

I was going to buy this controller on my last year holiday August 2012 when it first came out. However after reading so many bad reviews and the absence of two features (manual loops set up & individual channel LED gains) that are very crucial to me for mixing classic disco (70s, 80s & 90s tunes), I decided to wait for awhile and see if there are any other new controllers that actually meet my needs.

When Pioneer DDJSX came out, I was so eager to have it, especially after reading and watching all the reviews. That controller has everthing I ever need. I took my money and went to the shop to buy it. However, upon seeing the actual product in from of my eyes, I had to think over and over again...

Yes, THE SIZE is definitely "not portable enough" for me! I can't imagine going to my gigs carrying such a huge controller! Let alone finding space among DJM and CDJs that are already so crowded in that DJ booth.

Anyway, I decided to wait for awhile and see what's coming out next after that.

When I heard that VCI 380 has adopted the same software used in DDJSX, which is: SERATO DJ, I browse the internet for the reviews and performance again. It turn out okay!

So I asked PZach to order one for me and try it. Just too make sure the two features I mentioned before is there. If not, then he'll have to return the controller to the seller again. And I just have to wait longer then.

Well, the test turns out okay, so I said to PZach go ahead and send me the controller ;)

I've been practicing and familiarise myself with the new controller and new dj software. I kept on turning the wrong knobs thinking it was my old VCI 300 controller. Well, I guess old habits die hard!

It takes time and a lot of practice... Hopefully I am okay by next week, since on Nov 8, 2013 I am going to have another gig at SCORE. Wish me luck!

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