Wednesday, March 2, 2016


A recording from the set I did at Hangover Bar, Kemang - Jakarta on V Radio's 5th Anniversary celebration. The celebration theme was Superwoman Day. The request was to played something late 90s and early 2000s. So I choose to play some "girl power" theme songs.


File Size: 197,3 mb
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Length: 1:22:07
Mixed by: IndigoDeville 

Jennif3r L0pez - If You H4d My Love
N’Sync - By3 By3 By3
No D0ubt - Hey Baby
Mary J Bl1ge - Family Affairs
Aaliy4h - Try Ag4in
Britn3y Sp3ars - Baby 0ne More Time
Britn3y Sp3ars - Oops 1 Did 1t Again
D3stiny Child - Indep3ndent W0man
Tam1a - 0fficially Missing Y0u
Jennifer L0pes - Love D0n’t Cost 4 Thing
Pink - M0st Girls
Louchie Lou & Minnie One - Ten Out Of Ten
Sp1ce Girls - Say Y0u’ll Be There
Bey0nc3 - Crazy 1n Love
Pras Mich4el feat Mya - Ghett0 Sup3rstar
The Pussyc4t D0lls - Butt0ns
JTL - My L3con
Five - Wh3n The Lights G0 Out
Mar1ah Car3y - Fantasy
M0ntell Jordan - This Is H0w We D0 It
Will Sm1th - B00m Shake The R00m
Toni T0ny Tone - If I Had N0 Loot
Chumb4wamba - Tubthump1ng

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