Monday, July 6, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 5

More Eighties! The playlists was actually edited for a couple of times. I was gonna throw in some Italo Disco after Sabrina's Boys but in the end I decided to scrap them all. I think Italo Disco songs are nice to listen to, they will make you move your head... but won't make you went berserk on the dance floor. So I decided to throw in some rap and hip-hop. I also add a hip-hop tune from Indonesia: "Memble Tapi Kece". If you understand the lyrics... it's a very funny song indeed.

I've re-uploaded the mix since I notice that the first upload was disrupted by some 'cracker' sounds in some parts. Although it's not very obvious, but you can still hear them if you pay attention. In the end I found out it's some setting problems that I need to adjust changing from Windows XP to Vista. Now that the problem is solved, you can enjoy a clean and undisrupted music. So, let's dance to these Eighties Goldies now!!! Yee-Haa...

1. Show Me (The Nest Mix) --- The Cover Girls
2. Like A Child (12 Vocal - 1018 Club Mix) --- Noel
3. Summertime, Summertime (Club Mix) --- Nocera
4. Bad Boy (Extended PWL Remix) --- Den Harrow
5. Inside To Outside (The Happening Mix) --- Limahl
6. Engine No. 9 (Vocal Extended Remix) --- Midnight Star
7. I Beg Your Pardon (Club Mix) --- Kon Kan
8. Boys (Remix) --- Sabrina
9. Funky Cold Medina (Funky Mix) --- Tone-Loc
10. What People Do For Money (12") --- Divine Sounds
11. Memble Tapi Kece --- Mizta D
12. U Can't Touch This (Ultimix) --- MC Hammer
13. I'll Always Follow You (Ultimix) --- C.C. Diva
14. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You --- Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

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