Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 3

Among the Goin' Eighties series, the ones I'm not really satisfied with the results are Session 2 & 3. Session 3 was my first time mixing the 'swing-beat' music (the Milli Vanili and Soul II Soul type of beat) which i find quite different from the other types music I had mixed before.

This time, after learning a few more tricks, I give it another try. Not saying that it's gonna be perfect this time but I'm more happy with the result now. Still, it was not an easy job! A lot of pitch-riding involved here.

If you've listened to the earlier version: What do you think? Can you tell the difference? :D

1. Come Undone --- Duran Duran
2. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine --- The Four Tops
3. Blame It On The Rain (US Club Mix) --- Milli Vanilli
4. The Message Is Love (Cupid Mix) --- Arthur Baker
5. Walk On By (Club Mix) --- Sybil
6. Back To Life (12" Mix) --- Soul II Soul
7. Keep It Together (12" Remix) --- Madonna
8. There's Got To Be A Way (12" Mix) --- Mariah Carey
9. Congratulations (Punchline Mix) --- Sydney Youngblood
10. If It's Love (Ghetto Mix) --- Sydney Fresh Feat. On Vocal Manou
11. Yesterday Once More (Rap Mix) --- Jamtronik
12. If I Can't Have You --- Chyp-Notic
13. Dying Inside (To Hold You) (Heartbreak Mix) --- Timmy Thomas
14. Uptown Top Rankin' (12" Mix) --- Tight N' Up
15. Attenti Al Lupo (WWF Remix) --- DJ Lelewell

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