Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Goin' Eighties - Session 7

This beautiful compilation plays a very special meaning for me personally. It contains not only beautiful music from the late 80's to early 90's era, but also beautiful memories: the memorable moments when I just finished my high school then go to Sydney to study for the next 6 years. A totally different life, a new chapter for me... which later brought me to a bunch of great people.

It's amazing how a song actually can bring you back to all those sweet and memorable memories. It transported you back to the past and let you feel the sensation all over again.

To my friends in Sydney, this compilation is dedicated to you all. Thank you so much for bringing beautiful and unforgettable moments to my life. Miss you all!!!

1. Hymn --- Magna Charta
2. Return To Innocence (Longer Version) --- Enigma
3. Once In A Lifetime (Extended Version) --- Gregorian
4. Ditty (Club Mix) --- Paperboy
5. Girl You Know It's True (Super Club Mix) --- Milli Vanilli
6. It's A Mystery --- Charlie feat. MC B-True
7. Loving You (Summer Breeze Mix) --- Massivo feat. Tracy
8. Only You (Rap Mix) --- Jackie Moore
9. Don't Make Me Over (12" Version) --- Sybil
10. Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (Extended Mix) --- P.M. Dawn
11. It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day (Ultimix) --- The Soul System
12. Day By Day (Club Mix) --- Kim Wan Sun
13. Tom's Diner (12" Version) --- DNA feat. Suzanne Vega
14. Twilight Zone (New Dimension Mix) --- Moses P
15. (You're My One & Only) True Love --- Seduction


Flaco said...

Fery nice mix, hats off to you mr DJ

Griffin said...

Thank you for sharing!

I was looking for this very hard-to-find track It's A Mystery --- Charlie feat. MC B-True!

Could you please post this track in full length (not sequed)?

Best regards,

IndigoDeviLLe said...

Charlie feat MC B-True --- It's A Mystery can be downloaded here:

I only got the Radio Version. Still looking for the remixes :)

dj motar said...

hi great layout and selection of jams No. 12 Kim Wan Sun - Day By Day could you please post the full track. i remember this song had the vinyl also but dont anymore. is the artist the correct info ? million thanks motar

dj motar said...

this is a great jam for my personal lisetening and collection of jazz tracks ! THUMBS UP BRO REALLY ENJOYED YOUR MIX!!!!

IndigoDeviLLe said...

@DJ Motar:

I am glad you like them. I post the full version of Kim Wan Sun's Day By Day at here:

Enjoy!!! ;)

dj motar said...

thank you so much brother!!! i really appreciate it!!! yo that jam is a floor burner thank you for sharing it with me. im really impressed with love potion!!!you really taering up the dance floor. thank you!!!

Griffin said...

Many thanks for your reply & the download link (! Unfortunately it has been deleted after inactivity for a long time! At first I came back daily checking for a reply. After a while I forgot all about it! Today I came back & saw you reply was posted November last year! I'll come back daily until I see your reply this time ;-) Many thanks in advance!

IndigoDeviLLe said...


Charlie --- It's A Mystery (Radio Edit):

Charlie --- It's A Mystery (Club Mix):

Enjoy!!! :)

Griffin said...

Hmm, I thought I left a comment saying thank you! But it's still not displayed!?

Many thanks for the links! I forgot (once again)! But I remembered. So I came back to check & saw your reply! ;-)

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