Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Electrocution 6: BODYJAM

It's been awhile since I made a mix from Les Mills BodyJam tracks. The last one was Electrocution 2 and Electrocution 4... Long time ago! I've stopped from joining the class since one year ago after I moved to another gym and focus more now on weight training.

But my sister is still an active class member joining a number of BodyJam classes in a week. She requested me to make another mixtape from her favourite songs in the class. So I told her to hunt the songs herself and gave them to me once they're ready.

So here it is! I was wondering if I should include this mix in my Electrocution series, since there are also some pop songs in it. But considering that most songs are Electro house tunes, and some are even too "EXTREME" for my own personal hearing, I guess I'll put this mix in the series.

File Size: 119,8 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 1:27:08
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. My House - K1ds of 88
2. Don't St0p The Party - Black 3yed Pe4s
3. We No Sp3ak American0 (Morris Corti vs Mattara Remix) - Yoland4 Be C00l vs DCUP
4. Vegas (Angg3r Dim4s Remix) - Vand4lism and Static R3veng3r
5. P4rty R0ck Anth3m (Original Mix) - LMFA0 Ft. Laur3n B3nn3tt & G00n Rock
6. Run Th3 W0rld (Girls) (Kaskade Club Mix) - Bey0nc3
7. Do! Do! Do! (La1dback Luk3 Remix) - Cart3 Blanch3 feat. K1d S1ster
8. Champ4gne Sh0w3rs - LMFA0 Ft. Nat4lia Kills
9. Gett1n' Ov3r You (Extended) - Dav1d Gu3tta & Chr1s Will1s Feat. F3rg1e & LMFA0
10. H0w S00n Is N0w (Extended Version) - D1rty S0uth & Sebast1an Ingr0ss0, D4vid Gu3tta feat. Juli3 Mc Kn1ght
11. Sav3 The W0rld (Z3dd Remix) - Sw3dish H0use M4fia
12. Clos3 to M3 (R3hab Remix) - Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go
13. Th3 Drums (Av1c11's Mouthful Remix) - Al3x Gaud1n0, Nar1 & M1lani Feat. Capricorn
14. Holid4y (L4idback Luk3 Remix) - Dizz33 Rasc4l Ft. Calv1n H4rris & Chrome
15. Ind3structibl3 (L4idback Luk3 Club Mix) - R0byn
16. Only G1rl (In The W0rld) (Extended Club) - Rih4nn4
17. Fav0rite DJ (Feat. DJ Class & Jermaine Dupri) - Clint0n Sp4rks
18. Til D3ath (Ken L0i Club Mix) - Wynt3r G0rd0n
19. Turn Ar0und (5,4,3,2,1) (John de S0hn Remix) - Fl0 Rid4

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