Wednesday, August 29, 2012

goin' jazzy 3: Bossanova Jawa

I remember back in 2001, I was strolling in TARA MEGASTORES at Kelapa Gading Mall when I listened to this very unique bossanova tune played out from the store's speakers. Immediately I approached the counter to ask what song they were playing. Then they showed me this album: BOSSANOVA JAWA VOL. I was very interested after listening to a few more songs in the album. Well, I've always loved traditional songs, but only a few actually meet my taste due to their musical arrangements. From there on, I am hooked and have been buying the series ever since.

Totally, there are 4 BOSSANOVA JAWA albums produced so far. Each album presents different singers, thus although it's still the same bossanova style, but each singers brought their own characters and interpretations to the songs. So when Febry/Zabreack requested us to submit special mixtapes to commemorate Indonesia's 67th Independence Day this year at Classic Disco Mix, I was clueless at first on what to make. But when listening to one of the song from the album in my car, I came up with this idea of making a special mix to tribute this group: BOSSANOVA JAWA.

Well, the execution itself was very challenging and time consuming, especially on playlists preparation. Not only they are not "dj friendly", but these bossanova's songs comes in a variety of keys and bpms. It took me about 1 full weeks to listen to the 4 albums and carefully adding and deleting these songs. What can I say: I like most of the songs! So it was very hard to decide which one to be added to the playlists and which were to be deleted.In the end, there are 12 songs selected. Why not more? Because I try to keep this mix interesting to you all, my listeners. Running too long, I'm afraid I will bore you. Afterall, not everyone is Javanese here. So these songs might be strangers to your ears.

Last words: If you enjoy this mix, I suggest you to buy the albums. They are definitely worth collecting and a great addition to your musical library.

File Size: 52,2 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 37:57
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Terminal Tirtonadi
2. Keno Godho
3. Iklas
4. Cinta Tak Terpisahkan
5. Hat Tanpo Balung
6. Kuncung
7. Layar Kangen
8. Stasiun Balapan
9. Bengawan Solo
10. Gambang Semarang
11. Gethuk
12. Cucak Rowo


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