Sunday, December 30, 2012

Disco Sanctuary 2012 TOP 5 Mixes

While waiting for the upload of my last mix in 2012: Spotlight 2012 which contains all the hits I like most during the year, I thought why not we do a little recap on the mixes I've produced during the year.

Totally I made 27 personal mixes and 3 collaborations mixes. In this post I'm gonna list my Top 5 mixes made during 2012 based on their downloads and plays from both Official.FM & House-Mixes. So here we go:

5. The Roaring 90's Session 4
Frankly speaking, I was surprised that this mix can made it to the list since it wasn't very popular in my facebook fanpage: Classic Disco Mix. probably not many knew the songs. I personally like it very much since I played all my favourite songs during my college time in this mix. Brings back a lot of sweet memories with my college friends.

 4. Goin' Jazzy 3: Bossanova Java
A project I did to celebrate Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17th, 2012. When this mix was launched on my facebook, I was on my holiday trip to Shangri-La China. I have been a big fan for this group. They play traditional Javanese songs in a jazzy bossanova style. The making process itself is "very challenging". But I am very happy and satisfied with what I've done here. To this day I still play this mix a lot.

3.  Spotlight ON AIR: 20.03.12
Totally unexpected! This Spotlight actually beats Spotlight 9, Spotlight 10 & Spotlight 11. It was just a recording from one of my practice sessions that I decided to launch it for my TOP 40 fanpage at facebook: TOP 40 Mixes Factory.

2. Classic Disco Mix 14
I am glad this mix made it to the list. It was actually a request from a friend from Classic Disco Mix fanpage who's very much into 70s music. I've been delaying it time over time since 70s songs are very hard to mix. But my friend: Deddy was a persistent one in pursueing his request. :)

1. Classic Disco Mix 13: Manhattan 3rd Anniversary 1986 (SIDE B)
A classic remake from my very 1st Disco Tape back in 1986. This tape actually introduced me to the Disco world and got me hooked on. A very special memory and meaning for me. How time flies...

Well, that's it: Disco Sanctuary's TOP 5 Mixes in 2012. I'll see you in 2013. Thank you for your support throughout this year!!!!

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