Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goin' 80s, Goin' LIVE - Session 5

On March 2nd, 2013, my fanpage Classic Disco Mix had our first gathering at Bogor Bowling Centre the Jungle. Totally, there were 6 people performing. It was fun and very enjoyable. 

For the occasion, I have prepared a playlist to be performed on the occasion. However, due to some circumstances, I decided to play something different that evening. Anyway, this is a recording I made before the event when I was testing how long these songs would run for. Just checking them out since I was only scheduled to play for 45 minutes.

File Size: 78,2 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 56:47
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Amburadul - Ruth Sahanaya
2. I Wanna D4nce With Som3body - Whitn3y H0ust0n
3. Only In My Dr3ams - Debbi3 Gibson
4. Tru3 Blue - Mad0nna
5. Suka Suka - Atiek CB
6. Jumpa Pertama - Chrisye
7. The W4y You Mak3 Me Feel - Mich4el Jacks0n
8. Dress3d For Succ3ss - Rox3tte
9. This Time It's Forever - Errol Brown
10. Cross My Heart - Eight Wonders
11. Silent Morning - Noel
12. American Soviets - CCCP
13. New York - MCL
14. Beat Dis - Bomb The Bass
15. Theme From S'Express - S'Express
16. Bad Boy - Den Harrow
17. Like 4 Pr4yer - Mad0nna

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