Monday, September 2, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Classic Disco 010913

I have decided to release a recording from my performance on CDM Radio on Sunday afternoon dated September 1st, 2013. Coming back from lunch yesterday (Sunday, Sept 1st, 2013), I decided to make a new Spotlight series. It's been awhile since I made my TOP 40 mixes.

While setting up, I came across a friend status on facebook stating that she's enjoying her Sunday afternoon listening to CDM Radio. Then I ask her if she would like to listen to live DJ mixes? Well, of course she does... Nothing's more enjoyable than listening to a LIVE DJ Performance and you get to request your favourite songs directly.

Initially, I want to release this mixtape under Goin' 80s, Goin' LIVE series. But after listening to it, I think they are just the same songs played in different order. So let's just release it as a random/unofficial mixes under the LIVE SESSION tags.

Since it's an almost 3 hours mixtape, this time I won't bother writing down the songs' titles. Let's just enjoy it while guessing what's coming next.

Happy listening!

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