Thursday, October 15, 2009


It's been awhile since my sister asked me to mix songs from her BodyJam classes at the gym: Where's Your Head At, Finally and When You Touch Me. Then, to find out which remixes they use in the class, I joined her for the class :P

The music was playing out loud, and the atmosphere was really hot and vibrating. Somehow I sensed that these music are delivering a totally different vibes to the normal house techno I usually mix in my Spotlight series. So instead of making another Spotlight, I've decided to specially mix a series of Electro House.

I've been gathering some Electro tracks these few days, and finally selected 12 of them for this compilation. It's amazing to see how creative people are in re-making these classic tunes to match the current trends.

Well, I've done my part! Now it's your turn... TURN UP THAT VOLUME TO THE MAX!!! ;)

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