Thursday, June 5, 2014


Since I've concentrated uploading all my mixtapes at House-Mixes.Com, (after losing my mixes in a number of hosting sites due to c0pyright issues) I've noticed there are quite a decrease in downloads for my mixtapes and much increase in listenings. At first, I figured out that people these days prefer to just streaming instead of downloading the whole mixes. And some use internet downloader aplication which sometimes is faster for downloading.

However, a number listeners keeps coming back with the same question: HOW TO DOWNLOAD my mixes? And I have to explain to them the process: that once you click the download button, you'll be directed to the LOG-IN page. As soon as you've logged in, then the mixtapes will downloaded automatically. If not, then you'll be directed to SIGN-UP with House-Mixes before downloading the mixtape.

Though I personally think this is such an easy task, which only take less than 5 minutes, but to some listeners who want an instant route, they find it too much hassle.

Well, to avoid answering the same question over and over again in the future, I've decided to add the link where you can download my mixtape instantly without having to log-in. If you are on your computer or laptop browser, simply right-click mouse on "DOWNLOAD" or "DIRECT DOWNLOAD" at the bottom of each post, and choose "SAVE LINK AS" to download my mixes. The downsides of this method is you'll have to rename my mixtapes again after downloaded it.

And if you are on the smartphone, simply click "DOWNLOAD" or "DIRECT DOWNLOAD", then you'll get the download option on your smartphones.

This method only works on my new mixtapes. While for old mixtapes uploaded before reconstruct their website, you'll just have to use the regular method: download it directly from House-Mixes after logging in.

For some mixes that you can't access, you can contact me directly at my facebook. :)

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