Tuesday, July 10, 2012

goin' jazzy

I've been collecting some deep house albums for the past few months. Growing to like this genre more and more each day. Find them very relaxing! Well, there are times I wanna listen to noisy and heavy dance songs, but there are moments I don't want to focus on what I'm listening but still realize there are some light beats running in the background.

Upon my search I stumble on some very unique and nice jazzy house albums. But getting used listening to mixes, I just can't stand to listening to each of these songs as a whole. They runs for 6-8 minutes on average.

So I've decided to choose a couple and make a mix out of them for my personal enjoyment. Well, hope they'll be of use to you too.

File Size: 56,2 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Length: 40:47
Mixed by: IndigoDeviLLe

1. Give It Up - Rain, A Lil L0uis P4inting
2. On My Way - K3rri Chandl3r
3. Nick's Them3 - Nick J0nes Experi3nce
4. The Real Thing - Fr4nkie Felici4no
5. T0uch The Gr00ve - Lenny F0ntana, Eastsid3 M0vement
6. Back 2 Chicago - Infinty, Milk
7. Sp4nish Danc3r - Rom4tt Project
8. Gr00ve Asylum - Julius P4pp, Dave W4rrin
9. Re-Conn3cted - DJ Sm4sh
10. Dim's J4zz - Dimitri Fr0m P4ris
11. Skin - MKL, S0y S0s


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